We Mustn’t Misunderstand Messiah

Sabbath, May 30th, 2015 – Mark 1:29-39

“Here’s the takeaway from this encounter with Jesus: God’s kingdom is coming; God’s kingdom is here.  Jesus came to bring a foretaste of God’s kingdom.  He is restoring the fallen world to God’s order of things.  We look at these miracles of Jesus, and we think, “wow, that’s amazing, it’s like Jesus is breaking the laws of physics and space-time as we know them.”  But, little do we know, what Jesus is really doing is restoring things to how they really ought to be.  Rather than seeing the miracle as an exception to the norm, much of what we consider normal is an exception to the ways of God’s kingdom.  Sickness and disease, demonic oppression, fatigue and stress, anger or depression; these are all perversions, distortions, and distractions from God’s kingdom.  Jesus’ miracles present us with a display of God’s kingdom breaking into our fallen world.” – David Fox

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